Peace and Justice


Peace and Justice

Reflecting: "A Tree and a Radio"

A family letter about 9-11-01, written 9-11-01. 5:07 p.m.:

"Last night, at this time, our country was a safe and generally caring place, full of good people.

Tonight, it is no different.

Let us not let the horrific events that happened about 12 hours ago change our attitudes about our own society, and about others. The small band of terrorists want to encourage fear, and reprisals. We must not play into their evil hands.

Those touched directly by this tragedy need our help and our prayers. And we need to continue to seek peace and good will."

Dick Bernard, to family,
September 11, 2001, 5:07 p.m. CDT

And another, written 10-8-01:

"This morning's paper says that 94% of Americans support the bombing [of Afghanistan] which began yesterday.

I am in the 6% in opposition, which makes me one of only about 13,000,000 Americans of voting age in that category."

Dick Bernard, to family,
October 8, 2001

A Personal Stand for Peace and Justice: September 11, 2001, was a call for Peace and Justice, rather than an invitation to open-ended and never-ending War. Violence plus Violence only adds up to More Violence. The ultimate victims of violence are the living, doomed to fear and hate. History proves over and over again that War never makes permanent Peace.... Rebuild the events of 9-11-01 as symbols of the need for Peace and Justice, and against War and Oppression.
Dick Bernard

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