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Wisconsin photos of the Berning family courtesy of the Cyril Wissel family

Portion of Christina and George Berning family, in front of their rural Louisburg WI home sometime in early 1900s. (The youngest, Lidwina (Lid), at right, was born in October, 1893). August was born in 1879, Julia in 1881, Celia (Cecilia) in 1886, and Bertha (Bert) in 1890. The undated photo following is of the house and barn from the road.

House and barn seen from the road.

Busch home in early 1900s
Berning farm looking southeast, perhaps in the 1950s.

Wedding photo of Herman Placke and Catherine (Kate) Berning June, 1895. Kate was the 4th child of the Bernings, and the first to live past age 4.

Undated photo of Helena (Lena) Berning, born 1876, later Lena Parker.

Rosa and Julia Berning, probably sometime in the latter 1890s. Rosa married Ferdinand Busch February 28, 1905. Julia was Rosa's Maid of Honor.

Most of the Berning girls, probably at some important event for Mary Emily in the mid 1920s. Front row from left: Julia, Mary Emily, Lidwina, Bertha; back row: Kate, Rose and Celia.

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