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Histories of the Families Collet, Roy, Bellerive of France, Quebec, the U.S. and Canada

Dick Bernard [email protected] (website and Collette's)
Vernon Sell (Collette family) RIP 12/21/33-8/13/03
Remi Roy RRoy@[email protected] (Roy, Bellerive, Collette families)
Iris Holten [email protected] (genealogy)

NEW BOOK available September, 2010 about the families Collette, Bernard et al of Quebec, Minnesota, North Dakota and Manitoba! Details here.

A story about Henry and Josephine Bernard.

Sacred Heart Church, Oakwood ND, Centennial History, 1981
Part I
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

August 2006
Note the website for the old parish of Ste Elizabeth, about 10 miles east of Morris, Manitoba (click here). This was the home parish for the families of Philippe and Arcidas Collette and many other French-Canadian families.

Click here for the story of the Henry and Josephine (Collette) Bernard's 1901 Oldsmobile which, on August 12, 2006, completed the 121 mile New London - New Brighton (MN) Antique Car run.

Shown above, are siblings Josephine and Arcidas Collette, of Oakwood, North Dakota. The photo was taken at a studio at 20th and Broadway in north Minneapolis MN, in 1899. At the time of the photo, the brother and sister were about 23 and 18 respectively. They and their parents, Octave Collette and Clotilde (Blondeau) Collette, lived near the tiny northeastern North Dakota hamlet of Oakwood, near Grafton. The families Collette had moved from the Minneapolis-Dayton MN area to the Oakwood area in 1878, and by 1899, some of the family had moved back to Dayton MN, on the Mississippi River, about 25 miles northwest of downtown Minneapolis. The family had other connections in the Twin Cities. Others in the family moved to Manitoba and elsewhere.

Prior to Minneapolis-St. Paul and area, the family had come from St. Lambert, a small community not far to the south of Quebec City; and before that the family footprints preceding Francois Collet and Marguerite (Tanguay) Collet went back to the earliest settlement of "lower Canada" (present day Quebec), and the coastal areas of Brittany and Normandy, France.

Attached contents give more dimension to this and other remarkable French-Canadian families. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to access these documents. To download the free Adobe Acrobat reader, click here. Check this site periodically for additions and updates. Let others know of us.

Click hereacrobat file for a History of the Midwest Branch of the Collette family, by Dick Bernard, Woodbury MN [email protected]. This work is about 20 pages of text.

Click here for a 1970s account of a visit to Ste Anne de Beaupre by Collette ancestor and Oakwood native, retired Bishop Raymond Lessard of Boynton Beach FL.

Click here acrobat filefor a History of the Roy, Bellerive and Collette families, interwoven with a very interesting history of the French-Canadians in Canada, This is a new paper by Dr. Remi Roy, Montreal PQ. This work is over 38 pages of text with photos.

Contents of Dr. Roys article
1 General History
38 Nicolas Roy
39 Absalom Roy Pedigree
40 Pierre Leroy Pedigree
41 Seraphine Bellerive Pedigree
42 Michel Bellerive Pedigree
43 Philippe Collette Pedigree
44 Marie Roy Pedigree
45 Amelia Samson Pedigree
46 Etienne Sampson Pedigree

Collette historical photo gallery click here.

The Collette men, probably pictured at the time of the funeral of their wife and mother, Mathilde, in Oakwood, ND, 9 Janvier 1887. Seated from left: Philippe, Denis Sr., Guillaume and Father Barrette; standing from left: Ovide, Arcadius, Octave, Alfred, Theodules, Joseph. Missing from the photo are the four Collette sisters: Sophronie (Lessard), Obeline (Gagne), Emma (French) and Marie Odile.

The parish of St. Lambert-Levis PQ celebrated its 150th anniversary at the end of July, 2003. The Collet family donated the land for the first church in St. Lambert 150 years ago, and dedicated a plaque at the reunion at St. Lambert July 25-26, 2003.

August 2002 Reunion Summary

July 2003, Reunion Photos at St. Lambert Quebec (scroll to end of page)

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