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Collette Family Photo Gallery

This is a work in progress, initiated August, 2003, which represents in photos the descendants of the union of Denys Collette (III) (1821-93) and Martine (Mathilde) Vermette (1823-1847). Both were born in St. Henri de Levis, Quebec; and both are buried in Oakwood, North Dakota. They married at St. Henri October 17, 1842.

For samples of how the family pages of the album will look, see galleries below.

If you are descended from Denys and Mathilde Collette's line, or have photos relating to the family, and wish to add photos to this web-page gallery, please contact Dick Bernard for more information. Names of this couples children are listed below.

Specific genealogy information is not included at this site, but genealogy information is available on request. Questions or proposed additions or corrections, particularly in names or spellings of names, are welcome, though a reality with names is that there often was more than one correct version of any particular name, due to translation from French to English, French and English nicknames, use of middle names, etc. Exact dates are often difficult to ascertain.

Several Collette family stories are accessible on this website here.

Collette Family Photo Gallery:
    Collette Family Churches and Schools
    Denys-Octave and Clothilde (Blondeau) Collette
     Josephine (Collette) and Henry Bernard

Children of Denys and Mathilda Collette:
Sophronie Collet 1843 (m-Etienne Lessard)
Marie-Aubeline Collette 1845 (m-Alex Gagne)
Denys-Octave Collette 1847 (m1-Clothilde Blondeau)
(m2-Herminie Poisson Henault (her second marriage)
Philippe Collette 1848 (m1 Julie Boutin)
(m2-Amelia Samson)
Arcadius Collette 1852 (m-Elizabeth Pomerlou)
Marie-Odile Collet 1853
Louis-Ovide Collette 1856 (m-Olivine Laberge)
Theodule Collette 1858 (m-Augustine Duquette)
Emma Collette 1861 (m-Joseph French)
Alfred Frederick Ephrem Collette 1862 (m-Celina Deschenes)
Joseph Collette 1864 (m-Dezilda Huard)
William Collette 1868 (m1-Naomi Patenaude)
(m2-Ida Poole)
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