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Video: "French in Our Own Backyard: A Look at Minnesota's French Heritage", 2002, 22 minutes, $15.00 Produced by students of French at Century Junior HS, Forest Lake MN. Video is no longer available.


The premiere of this delightful and very well done new video on May 31 attracted a very interested and appreciative audience of about 50 persons. By the sound of the response, kudos are very richly deserved.

"This is a video that every teacher of French should show students, and every family which has French-Canadian roots in the Midwest should own to give their younger members, especially, an idea of the proud history of the French-Canadians", said Dick Bernard, who attended the premiere, and is past president of LaSociete Canadienne-Francaise du Minnesota. "Much useful information is packed into the 22 minutes, and presented in a manner that will keep even a young audiences attention, and be a springboard for further discussion."

The student actors, under the fine direction of their teacher, Karen Lewis, give excellent performances. They reenact important persons and events of the historical French presence in Minnesota. Live video from historical sites, and still photos from the Minnesota Historical Society provide professional visual backdrop for the production. Les Canadiens Errants and Les Fils du Voyageur are among the groups providing background music.

Financial support for the production was provided by the Minnesota Humanities Commission.

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