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Busch-Berning Scenes in Wisconsin

The map shows the area in WI from which the ND Busch and Berning families migrated in 1905-07. The Berning and Busch farm homes were about one mile apart. Dubuque IA, the major area center, is about 10 miles to the west-southwest. The Berning children went to school at the Catholic School near the mound. Luckily, the eldest Berning girl, Kate, married Herman Placke, and their large farm home adjoined the church property, and was a place to stay for the school girls, though long walks to and from school were doubtless frequent.

This photo, taken in April, 1992, and looking south southwest, shows the Wilhelm and Barbara Busch farm as it looked in 1992, with Sinsinawa Mound five miles or so away in the background. The Berning farm would be slightly to the right of this photograph, but is not shown here. The next two photos show the Busch farm as it appeared in the early 1900s. Today, the farm is a very attractive farmstead, very well cared for by the present owners.

Busch home in early 1900s
This is how the Busch home looked around 1900. The people in the photograph are not identified, except Barbara Busch is clearly the woman in the black skirt in the center.

This colorized photo of the Wisconsin Busch farm was found on the ND Busch farm and is clearly from the early 1900s. Note the large number of trees in this photo, compared with very few in the present day. Wilhelm Busch was a horticulturist. The house, barn, and the structures in the foreground in this photo still remain in use.

This family photo of Wilhelm and Barbara Busch's family may well have been taken on the occasion of their son Ferdinand's wedding to Rosa Berning in February, 2005. The Busch men, from left to right, are Francis, William, Ferdinand and Leonard. The women, also from left, are Hyacinth (later Chase), Cecilia (later Chinberg) and Christina (later Berning). Ferdinand, Leonard, Cecilia and Christina were later to move to North Dakota for varying lengths of time.

This photo of the George and Christina Berning home was taken in April, 1992. The original home had two stories, and was in the same location as the home in the photo. The barn has been part of the farm for many years. The photo is taken looking northeast. About a mile away would be the old Busch farm. Behind the photographer, about a mile west, was the tiny town of Louisburg, the locale of many dances attended by the families. More photos of the Berning farm and family are below and here.

This photo, of George and Christina Berning, was taken perhaps about 1920 when they had been married 50 years. Behind them is their home in rural Louisburg.

This photo, taken at the Golden Wedding anniversary of their parents, shows most of the Berning family members in about 1920, From left: Cecilia Lange, Rosa Busch, Bertha Hoppmann, Julia Berning, Lidwina Buckingham, Helena (Lena) Parker. Not in the photo are the eldest Berning, Kate Placke, and the sole brother, August. Five other children were born to the Bernings, but they died at young ages.

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